SCS Reader is an OSGI compatible Java library which is able to read, parse and transform SCS (SNA Character String) data streams. The implementation also offers some converters to transform such streams into Text, PDF, RTF or other formats. At the current state it supports all features of the SCS 5256 printer standard.

How it works 

SCS Reader uses the famous JTOpen Framework to load the raw spool data stream. While parsing the raw bytes, internal printer commands are generated. An virtual printer model is fed with these commands. By simulating a printer's print head it's also possible to detect bold printed characters (remark: in the past, bold fonts where emulated by printing a character twice). Thus it's like printing on virtual paper.
Currently, two different virtual printers are available: Text and PDF. Later once uses iText to produce the PDF files.


This project is released under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3.0.

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